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  • New MINI Cooper S KONI FSD struts/shocks

New MINI Cooper S KONI FSD struts/shocks

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KONI takes New MINI Cooper S body control to the next level

Frequency Selective Damping
The first shock absorber offering superior road-holding without compromising comfort. This is a special order item

Koni introduces FSD, the first no-compromise shock absorber in the world. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single perfect shock absorber. Firm for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Comfortable for a smooth ride on uneven road surfaces.

Realizing the seemingly impossible!
Two characteristics that seemed diametrically- opposed, proved to be a source of inspiration for specialists from KONI. Following lengthy development and testing, the ultimate solution was reached: KONI FSD - Frequency Selective Damping.
A revolutionary new technique whereby the benefits of both types of ride characteristics are combined in one perfect shock absorber. Banishing the disadvantages of the past. FSD shock absorbers; a smart suspension system adjusting automatically to road conditions as well as driving style. And all of this in a fraction of a second. FSD guarantees greater stability, greater control and thus greater driving pleasure.

KONI reconfirms with the FSD innovation a leading position as innovative supplier of high-quality shock absorber products.


I just got back from an hour playing dodge-the-downed branches at 40 over
the limit on some of my all-time favorite roads - Newberry, McNamie, and
Rocky Point roads, between Skyline and Hwy 30. Here's my impression of the
FSD's, which you can use as a testimonial on your site if you like:

As a baseline, I have a Madness 22mm rear sway bar set on the softest setting, and
very lightweight 15" wheels/tires on my `05 MINI Cooper S.

After installing the FSD's I noticed four things on my local twisty rippled

- Bumps and potholes are a LOT less intrusive - you still hear the tar
joints and bumps, but the seat no longer slaps you and bounces you around.
It's as if all the bumps are reduced in height by 2/3. If you have a lady
friend or wife, she will love the change - it's a much more civilized ride.

- The damping rates on long-period motion are somewhat higher than stock:
noticeably less body roll, and less dive and squat on braking and
acceleration. This is quite noticeable as more controlled corner entry with
less lag. Also, if you hit a dip during a corner, the sensation of pitch
forward and then bounce out, with loss of wheel contact, is greatly
lessened. If I had to pick a number, I'd guess that the damping rates for
body motion are about 30-40% higher than stock MCS.

- The softer bump-damping contributes substantially to sticking better in
curves. There is much less skipping across the tops of bumps and ripples,
and the tires are plainly in more constant contact with the pavement -
cornering feels a lot less loosey-goosey on real roads. Some of our local
twisties have more ripples than my corduroy slacks, and the car stays much
more planted on these.

- A completely unexpected benefit is a significant reduction in road noise
on our local pebble-surfaced highways, which are normally very loud. In
Oregon, as in many mountainous areas, studded snow tires are legal, and the
studs seem to remove all the filler between the large stones, leaving very
loud roads almost like frozen gravel. The FSD's cut this road-roar by
almost half, which makes for a much more pleasant car.

Overall, this upgrade is well worth the cost, and worth changing before the
stock shocks wear out. For anyone who still uses
stock wheels and tires, it would transform the Mini Cooper into a comfortable
long-distance ride, and the FSD's should also be great shocks for autocross.

New MINI Cooper S KONI FSD struts/shocks

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