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Madness V2 Catback MINI Cooper S Exhaust for R53

Price: $849.00
Item Number: Madness V2 Exhaust for the MINI Cooper S
tax free

Madness V2 Cat Back Exhaust System for the New MINI Cooper S. Fully polished stainless steel exhaust featuring a 2.5 inch pipe diameter to 3 inch flow path. Our system fits all R53 Supercharged MINI Cooper S models manufactured from 2002 to 2006.  Excellent deep tone and no drone along with a healthy dose of horsepower and torque. Our design also allows for low shipping costs unlike other systems that ship in oversized boxes



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Product Reviews

(10 Ratings, 10 Reviews) Average Rating:
Madness V2 Catback
Will Magarian (Avon, CT) 1/4/2011 11:55 AM
The worst thing about this project was getting the old exhaust out! Installation went very well, and the multi-piece design not only kept shipping costs low, but made it much easier to install and adjust. I expected the sound, but not the response, I feel way more power unlocked than when I started! The sound is wonderful, burning gas left and right around town just to hear it!! Much deeper, but not extremely louder, just what I was looking for! All in all, great product, and worth every penny! -mcoopers118
Great Job
MiniManiac (Unknown) 4/16/2009 6:40 PM
I really recommend this catback exhaust.from a performance aspect you will feel like the car wants to go faster , you really feel power unlocked. The exhaust note is reaaly what i wanted (Deeper but not much Louder) unlike other catbacks that are really noisy.Also the popping sounds are much louder and clearer making the car much more fun to drive. I give this a 5 out of 5
A complete package, at last
ex997guy (Unknown) 7/27/2007 6:22 PM
I was saving my nickels and dimes to get an exhaust to go with the other mods on my mini. I stopped by Madness and saw the new exhaust. I drove off and then came back and ordered one. I had Madness install it. The exhaust note is deeper and not much louder, which is exactly what I wanted. I want to feel the performance gains not make lots of noise. As with each preceding step the car became easier to drive smoothly as the power and torque increased. On trips to the Oregon coast over the coast range I average 30 MPG. The Madness exhaust was the crowning touch when arriving at stage 2. I am a happy camper and it's pretty too. ex997guy
Madness Exhaust
Bob (Unknown) 9/19/2007 6:36 PM
I had my Madness Exhaust installed on my 2004 Cooper S locally for $80 (I guess not more than couple hours labor - seemed very reasonable) in early June. With 3 months of fun under my belt, I am really enjoying it. At first it was just the nice sound - little louder and definitely deeper. Then I noticed that on my usual commute I didn't need to downshift to 4th on a certain long uphill, but was able to stay in 5th - yeah, little more power. Then after several gas fill-ups I noticed approximately 3 mpg increase. Cool - better sound, more power and increased mpg. Sometimes I wish it was a little louder, but then I love the sound of a SS Chevelle with glaspacks. The sound is just right 98% of the time.
MiniDrew (Unknown) 8/22/2007 6:48 PM
This lives up to it's name, MADNESS! I was worried it would be too loud or sound like a Honda (two stroke weed whacker). Instead the sound is just right at WOT, deep and rich. Heck my cold air intake is louder! The install was easy, hard part was getting the stocker out. Overall I absolutely love it, my only complaint is my mileage is going to suffer as I tear around listening to it.

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