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Madness MINI Cooper S Cold Air Intake

Price: $199.00
Item Number: Madness New MINI Cooper S Cold Air Intake


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The Madness Mini Cooper S Cold Air Intake System consists of,


  • 12-Gauge Thick Stainless Steel Heat Shield.
  • High Flow Velocity Stack Pre-Oiled Air Filter.
  • Cowl Mod And Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit (optional).



We've mapped out the underside of the hood and cut the heat shield to match. In doing so we have completely isolated the air filter from power robbing engine heat. Other so-called cold air intakes actually reduce the size of air box while also failing to eliminate the hot air they claim is their function. In the name of cutting costs other company's intakes actually rob power and perform more poorly than the stock box with a free flow filter. Most often the only thing these other company's intakes achieve is a throaty growl that delivers the illusion of performance without delivering the numbers to back up the claims.


The Madness Mini Cooper S intake has 80% more filter area than the stock paper filter. Our Madness Mini Cooper S Cold Air Intake System delivers on our promise with better cool air delivery and a larger air box than any other performance intake made for the Mini Cooper S. Because of the larger air box it can incorporate a much larger high flow velocity stack air filter (largest in the industry). With our cold air intake you get not only the sound of a performance intake but the accompanying power and torque that other systems fail to deliver. Install time takes just 15 minutes with no permanent modifications.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Proven 9.3 HP gain.


ALSO AVAILABLE: The New Madness Cowl Vent Mod

The Madness Cowl Vent Mod increases cold air flow by 100% simply and easily. Our modification eliminates stopgap measures such as drilling out or worse yet removing the factory back panel while still producing better airflow through the cowl vent. We ratcheted up the cool airflow with this custom made panel with a 5.5inch pre-cut opening that is perfectly aligned with the front of our velocity stack air filter. You will agree that the results are impressive.


Features include,

  • 100% ABS construction, the same as factory.
  • Perfect fit maintains hood seal while providing more airflow.
  • Easy 15 minute installation Instructions included on CD.
  • Fits all 2002-2006 MINI Cooper S models and 2006-2008 Convertible

Click to view dyno graph showing horsepower and torque gain:


Additional Information

Click here to view horsepower gain

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Product Reviews

(17 Ratings, 13 Reviews) Average Rating:
Super easy install
Brian Berry (Vienna, VA) 12/12/2014 2:33 PM
I have done a lot of work to a lot of different kinds of cars/trucks and Jeeps. This was one of the easiest installs I have done. The folks at Madness motor works have an install video on youtube; i watched it a couple times then ran out and installed it in the driveway. Since i am new to MINI's, i have owned mine for about month; I'm thrilled to have found a vendor that I can rely on, both in communication and quality parts/products.
Easy first modification with actual results
Paul Schaffner (Concord, CA) 5/27/2011 7:56 PM
This is one of the easiest modifications I've done on a car, and the results are nice. The fit and finish of the heat shield is pretty accurate, though the intake tube interior diameter is a bit larger so you really need to make sure the clamp (provided) is on tightly so it doesn't slip off.
Best mod ever!
Peter (Hillsboro, OR) 10/1/2010 12:07 AM
This was my 1st mod on my 2005 MCS, I've had it for more than 2 years now and its been brilliant. I remember a huge increase in power and a really wicked air intake sound when my supercharger really started spinning. If you are on the fence about something to start with this is the one for you!
intake review
mathgod (Unknown) 8/12/2009 10:34 PM
this product is great; very easy to install. the supercharger makes a wonderful noise when one gets on the fun pedal.i live in monterey, ca and the air is always cold and i get the greatest possible performance from the intake; i get the power all the time and dont have to worry about heat, but that is neither here or there. My mini revs a lot faster and the car seems to want to go fast all the time. the sound from the intake is not really loud, like most intakes on the market that are just annoying and drown out everything. the noise from the intake,and the new supercharger whine are as beautiful as the mathematics that i study;i suspect if one were to add an exhaust the sound would become legendary(soon to add madness exhaust. will post the results). i have not done a dyno test to see the power gains, but from just feel alone, i have to say the horsepower gains are what mini madess claims. great product and one would be insane not to put this intake on their car.
Simply Awesome.
(Unknown) 7/10/2008 5:44 AM
Your intake arrived at my doorstep two days ago. The first thing I noticed, after shredding the box, was the outstanding build quality! Everything fit perfectly during installation, which was a breeze due to your pdf based instructions. I just sat my laptop on top of the engine and had a great reference. Performance is fantastic! Amazing sound! Ive noticed much more linear acceleration, and slightly better fuel economy.(When you can keep your foot off the firewall.) This intake is the best around, and will put smile on your face from the time you open the box. THANKS GEORGE!! -Brendan Duluth,GA

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