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Madness MINI Cooper Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

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Madness BMW Mini Cooper S polyurethane rear Rear Trailing Arm Bushing inserts. These Polyurethane Rear trailing arm Bushings help keep your Mini Cooper S on track by striking a balance between comfort and performance. The high performance polyurethane used to make these Mini Cooper S bushings arrest suspension play. This reduces that loose feel that can diminish the other improvements you have made to your suspension. Easy instalation requiring no removal of the existing bushings.  These bushings are inserts that fill the negative voids of the factory rubber bushings.


By replacing these bushings you tighten the rear suspension and limit the movement caused by hard cornering with soft factory bushings. More control as well as better feel is transmitted to the driver by limiting the lateral strut movement.


If you've already upgraded the rest of your suspension then your missing a big part of the equation by not having these polyurethane rear control arm bushings. Precision machined to exacting tolerances, these rear suspension bushing eliminate 99% of rear trailing arm play!


Kit includes: 4 bushing inserts and Installation instructions 


NOTE: Fits all models 5/2003 and above only, no 2002

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Rear Arm Poly Bushings
Rotten Pancakes (Unknown) 2/11/2009 4:30 AM
George recommended these to me and I couldn't be happier! The poly bushings compliment the Madness 22mm Rear Sway Bar by nearly eliminating the play from the OEM Rubber bushings. If you are going to install the 22mm Sway Bar I would strongly suggest that you purchase these at the same time. Thanks George!


Bottom line: a worthwhile upgrade
Anonymous (Unknown) 7/16/2008 4:35 PM
I've now got the Mini-Madness urethane trailing-arm bushings on, in addition to the front control-arm bushes. As with the front control-arm bushings, the car becomes more predictable any time you hit the brakes, as well as during hard cornering. What these bushings are all about is reducing the change in Toe that the stock bushings allow. Any time you go from power-on to lift off, or hit the brakes, the wheels shift fore-and-aft relative to the car. With worn stock bushings this can be around 1/2" of motion, which changes the direction the tires are pointing - from Toe-in to Toe-out or vice versa. At that time, depending on whether you are turning or not and the slope and stickiness of the road, one tire will get a bit more grip than the other, and you get that disconcerting momentary wiggle, as the car makes up its mind and settles down to its new balance. These bushings reduce the dynamic change in Toe, and so the car becomes much more predictable and easier to manage when cornering hard or braking. These are not the whole story for tightening up the tail end, as there are still stock rubber bushings at each end or the control arms, which could be replaced with urethane, or the whole control arm is replaceable with Heim joints for racing. The trailing arm bushings probably do about 50% of the job, but this is as far as I plan to go for use on the road. Bottom line: a worthwhile upgrade if you want more predictability and precision in your control of the car.

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